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29 July 1981
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All About Me

Hey, I am a huge Hanson fan, I have been since February 1997, I have seen them once in concert in October 2003 in London and I met them backstage before the concert, they were amazing, they were really nice people, so nice lol, I like music, I have over 400 albums by different artists, and I love football (soccer) my fav team is Newcastle United (UK Premier league team) and I am a season ticket holder for Newcastle United.

I have now seen Hanson live 13 times, I have seen them in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, Glasgow, Paris and New York, I love seeing them live, they really are an amazing band, Oh I also have a Hanson tattoo now as well, and I have met Hanson about 6 times now, and when I met them in New York, Zac and Ike hugged me!!!

Edit: I have now seen Hanson live 18 times!!!! they still rock live lol, I am going on a cruise from Miami, its called The Rock Boat and Hanson are going to be playing on there along with a load of other bands!!!! I cant wait for that, I have never been on a cruise before and two of the days on the cruise is spent in the Bahamas, its gonna be mint, plus it has the bonus of Hanson being there.

I am now engaged to a wonderful man called Stuart, we are getting married in Dec 09, we are going to be buying our own house soon too!!!


We just bought our first house YAY, we havent got a move in date yet though, still waiting to hear about that


We are now expecting our first baby ;-) its a boy!! He is due on march the 8th, the rock boat was amazing btw
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